Passion: The engine that propels our love!

                                                    ABOUT ME


 I am a writer, mentor, retreat facilitator, and workshop leader and I live in Clifton Park, New York. Most of all I am a human being who is on a spiritual journey just like you. Since retiring from the counseling field my spiritual path has found me  following my dream of publishing my book, Those Who Walk with Fire: Everyday people Discuss the Passion that Fuels their Extraordinary Lives. With the book having been released in October of 2010,  my job for now and  for the foreseeable future is telling the world about this book.and about these extraordinary people who are living their passion and their dreams.


I am sixty nine years old and recently retired from the counseling field. Prior to counseling work I was employed by Ford Motor Co. in Green Island, New York, working on the assembly line for fourteen years followed by ten years as an elected UAW Union Representative and Employee Assistance Professional. For the past fifteen years, in addition to working as a professional counselor, I have enjoyed playing & performing music, as well as facilitating workshops and retreats on a wide variety of human/spiritual growth topics. I am the father of four grown children: John, Michael, Sheila and Anthony, and grandfather of Sean. I currently live in Clifton Park, New York with my life partner, Anne. My Great Passion today is creating community in a variety of ways, including music, retreats, and workshops; and currently by writing and publishing the book, Those Who Walk With Fire.