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But I'm not passionate enough...!

Posted by John R. Daubney on November 25, 2010 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (0)

Let me begin this entry with a quote from the inspiring book, Inspiring Creativity. This book can be purchased at . The quote follows: "...many of us worry that we aren't passionate enough to be "real" artists or writers, etc., but again, this is chicken/egg thinking. Your passion for a creative activity may be dampened by the internal and external resistance that keeps you from the actual creating. I promise you that the more deeply and often you get into your art (or activity) the more passionate about it you'll become. The equation is not:

                                NO PASSION = NO PERMISSION

The true equation is:     


I remember that the real passion that carried me through to the completion of this book didn't come until I actually began to write down the outline and purpose for it. Action precipitated the onset of the passion, not the other way around.

From the Epilogue of Those Who Walk with Fire consider these words: "Make time for what matters. No matter how busy your day, allot some time to what you love to do. In that way your passion will grow.; if you don't make time, your passion will shrivel and die.  On this subject, contributor and documentary film maker Amy Hart said, "I'm acutely aware of how I allocate my time; even more than how I spend my money. If you're spending your time out drinking or talking on the phone, or sitting in front of the television, those are the choices you're making about how you're using those valuable hours. For a person who desires to manifest a passionate life...just two hours a day is a lot of time if you use it well."

                Each of us is endowed with passion but it will not kick in until our idea transforms into action and commitment. When that happens magic is possible. I wish you all action to go along with your ideas. Happy Thanksgiving !!


Deb's passion.

Posted by John R. Daubney on November 11, 2010 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (1)

A few days past I had the occasion to be in Delmar to investigate the possibility of doing a book signing. While in that area I had the chance to visit Cafe 333 to eat , but more importantly to view Deb Zimmerman's photograpy. I was blown away to put it mildly. Her work which focuses on "things forgotten, abandoned places..." touched me deeply. Her photography speaks to me of days gone by, untold stories, and mystery as well as the terrible beauty that desolation can sometimes reveal. Some things are heartbreakingly beautiful in a way that words could never fully explain   -  it just is  -  and my soul responds. Thank you Deb. In her porfolios which are comprised of small copies of her photos with titles and a line or two of poetry speaking to the essence of the piece. I smiled at some and sensed her passion for experiencing the drawing power of her subjects. I stand in awe such brave work.

Each time I experience the passion of one who has succumbed to their passion and ride it in earnestness and with the  courage it requires, I feel inspired and expanded. I salute you and thank you  Deb.


Oh yes!  The Cafe 333 ( was a wonderful experience. Very relaxing and the food was to die for. Roasted vegetables with Penne, and a Tomato Bisque with cheesbread  -  magnfique! 

Thank God for the passionate souls that give their all.


What a day!

Posted by John R. Daubney on November 8, 2010 at 6:32 PM Comments comments (1)


I took part in a book fair yesterday   -  another first for me  -  in Glens Falls, New York at the Queensbury Hotel. I met many, many wonderful people, among them my friend and contributor to the book, Connie Messitt  from the Priory in Chestertown, New York. Sister Connie directs retreats at the Priory  -  her passion. www.    She brings smiles to the faces of so many folks when she walks into a room!

I met Beverly Down, a life coach, who is also a contributor to the book, Inspiring Creativity, An anthology of Powerful Insights and practical Ideas to Guide You to Successful Creating.  Beverly and I connected instantly, especially around our admiration for Marianne Williamson. I even got a chance to be in a group of authors with Bev, who gave 5 minute talks on their books. What a thrill that was. I thought I could watch others more experienced than I to get the hang of it but, lo and behold, I was the first to kick off our group of speakers. I was a bit hesitant and stammered a bit  but I did it. Thank God I have learned to laugh at my gaffs, always give it my best, and leave the rest up to Spirit! It was an education. Later I was part of a panel discussing the topic, How I Got Published. That was fun and the audience asked a lot of good questions. I must say that the writers I am meeting are mostly very nice people. They all put themselves on the line with their writing and promoting, and I'm learning that takes a lot of courage. I'm gaining a real admiration for writers and I guess, conversely, for myself.

I also met a young author by the name of Wanda Shapiro, who has written Sometimes That Happens With Chicken, a novel. Wanda is a very dynamic  young woman who has a burning passion to improve the plight of self-publishers. It was exciting being around her---passion is contagious!!

Another amazing connection was with Lisa Woititz, the daughter of Jan Woititz, author Adult Children of Alcoholics and Struggle for Intimacy, both best sellers  that have greatly affected my work, my life and my recovery from alcoholism. I recalled that I had attended one of Jan's personal appearances back in the late 1980s. Lisa has been carrying on her mom's work introducing a whole new generation to her mom's books which have been instrumental in helping millions of people become aware of the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family and how to find a way out. LIsa now works in the field of alcoholism herself. Our meeting was a powerful moment for both of us. I was able to show her the effect her mom had on the life and work of Anne Waldorf as well. Anne is the storyteller in Chapter 5 of Those Who Walk with Fire. She was thrilled as was Anne when I later told her of our meeting. We three will probably get together for a chat at some time in the coming year.

I also have give cudos to me friend, Andy Lavigne, who kept vigil at our table while I spent a great deal of time hobnobbing and being involved in a couple of panels. I couldn't have done that without Andy. This once again speaks to how much I need the help of others to carry out my work. For a guy who has always lived with  a large portion of self-sufficiency this has been a chance to grow in this area.

                   The night ended with a wonderful "cherry on the top of my sundae" when Anne and I met at our favorite restaurant for a nice, relaxing dinner together. What a fortunate man I am! Thank you.     8)


Ready ...Set... Go!

Posted by John R. Daubney on November 5, 2010 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Today, I officially christen this blog!

Those Who Walk with Fire was officially lauched just 5 days ago(10/31/10) at my first talk and book signing at Unity Church in Albany, New York. Never did a man feel so supported! Close friends, family, and many from among those I interviewed for the book were in attendance. My wonderful partner Anne Valliere, sold books, supported by my friend Andy lavigne. Rev Jim Fuller ran the sound system and kept me in his prayers while Gary Allocco kept the coffee and goodies flowing. My Sister, Linda Richards, and my daughter, Shiela Daubney with Joe Forget,  touched my heart with their presence. My close friends, the March Winds Men's Group, and so many friends from different parts of my life were there to launch me and this book out into the world where it can offer inspiration and hope for anyone wanting a little more passion in their lives.

Perley Rousseau, beautifully supported on piano by her partner and husband, Sonny Daye, opened the event up with a breath-taking rendition of Aguas De Marco. I then had the chance to talk about how the idea for the book came to be; the process of creation;how this book fits into my personal passion, and lastly I described the structure of the book. I then had the privilege of reading a couple of excerpts from the book. I had so much fun once I got over my fear. What always seems to work for me is to let God use me as a channel or conduit, as Perley Rousseau would say, to work through me. Then I can forget about what others are thinking about me, and just let my truth and joy flow. I may have forgotten to introduce certain people and even failed to recognize Matt George, one of the contributors, but my memory would catch up with me and then I was able to make belated introductions. Thank God, people are forgiving of me, and thank God, I can laugh at myself; otherwise I would implode.

    I've signed up to do a talk and book signing at Peaceful Inspirations, a wonderful bookstore and giftshop in Delmar New York on 12/5, and this Sunday, 11/7,  I will be "dipping my toes" into the waters of my very first Book Fair in Glens Falls, New York at the Queensbury Hotel, 11AM - 4PM.  I'm excited to get out there and have people see and read the book.

                                                 More to come...