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The Gift of Being True to Myself

Posted by John R. Daubney on February 7, 2011 at 1:51 PM

            As human beings, we are possessors of a unique life; we are energy manifested in a unique form. It is our responsibility both as human beings and as artists to create a life and work that is ours alone.

          That is the gift we offer the world—not a gift of talent, or even of hard work, but of our own uniqueness. It’s not easy. Even if we fail, it is a worthy struggle. Even if we fail, it is better than getting good at something someone else did first.  Creating out of your own unique perspective, your own unique harmonies and disharmonies, is an expression of gratitude for the gift of life. It’s a celebration of life.


       Horace Traubel, biographer of American poet, Walt Whitman, asked Whitman,

"Suppose the whole dam thing went up in smoke, Walt, would you consider your life a failure?"

        Whitman's response: Not a bit of it....I have done this work: I have thrown myself into the single simple life for what it's worth into the book------poured myself into the boo; honestly, without stint, giving this book(Leaves of Grass) all, all, all: why should I call it a failure? Why? Why? I don't think a man can be so easily wrecked as that."

    -  Reflections of a Wild Artist: 2/3/11  


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