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Posted by John R. Daubney on March 10, 2011 at 9:34 AM

I was recently interviewed  by  a budding young video artist by the name of Peter Furlong. Peter has a passion for creating images that present beauty, points of view, in-depth discussions and interviews that focus on what people do, what they believe, and what they care deeply about. Those who interview successfully are people who care deeply about the interviewee and Peter is such a man. His work will doubtlessly move others to follow their passion.

   To be engaged with another person in such a way that the creative fires in each are stoked by the experience is magnificent! It is an experience in which each person feeds the other; a synergy that  is reciprocal. I think creativity reaches its fulfillment when the creation moves or touches someone deeply. Such is the Divine aspect of a healthy passion. To create passionately for self-satisfaction is  rewarding to a point, but to have that creation be appreciated or impact in some way the life of another, gives greater meaning as well as staying power to that which is created, as in the passionate play of a great athlete or musician whose work will inspire generations. Anyone who creates and gives passionately of their work will inspire others and they in turn will pass it on.

 Peter Furlong's video interview with me will soon be available on this websites

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