Passion: The engine that propels our love!


Be a fire-walker, December 14, 2010
This review is from: Those Who Walk with Fire: Everyday People Discuss the Passion That Fuels Their Extraordinary Lives (Paperback)
Do you walk with fire? If so, congratulations - find a way to pass it on to someone who doesn't. If not, why not? What is preventing you from pursuing a passion, or from even discovering what you are passionate about?
Either way, you will want to read this book. John Daubney was inspired to bring it into existence so that more people than he could personally physically reach could be exposed to and inspired by the fire-walkers that he knows. Through Daubney's many interviews you will discover how incredibly widespread are the passions that fuel the lives of everyday people - just like the people you probably know, work with, and are related to - and perhaps discover how to not only connect with passions of your own, but also how to manifest them in your life.
Not everyone is inspired to compose a sonata, feed the hungry half-way around the world or fly to the moon. But passion is passion, and lives are greatly enriched by it. If you are a passionate person you will enjoy learning about how others pursue their passions. If not, well, you will, too - only for different reasons. Be prepared with pen and paper as you read, because inspiration will surely strike as you do, and you will want to make notes to yourself, and perhaps even to others.
Speaking of others - order multiple copies. There are people in your life who need to read this book. Give it to them, as well as to yourself. Like me, you'll be glad you did.

hope and inspiration, November 16, 2010  by Larry Z.

This is a gently amazing book which puts the lie to the phrase "all men lead lives of quiet desperation.." The men and women portrayed in this book are familiar neighbors, friends and relatives that we all know. However, Daubney gently probes in each chapter to reveal an inner driving force which gives powerful meaning to each of these lives. As the book progresses, you are slowly convinced that such forces are in us all. This is not a "how to" book on how to find meaning in your life, it is rather an inspired demonstration, by a very thoughtful author, of how a change in focus can have profound results. I highly recommend this book for a quiet weekend r